ICSBOA Member Spotlight: Tatara Bridge · Seto Inland Sea, Japan

Why Join ICSBOA?

We focus on helping our membership maintain and sustain cable supported bridge infrastructure in an ever-changing environment.

The association offers its members:

An amazing opportunity for exclusive networking and collaboration opportunities both online and in-person;

Access to education and training offered by the industry’s leading subject matter experts from around the world;

Access to a wealth of online resources, education and training which is especially important during these unprecedented times;

The opportunity to share best practices and learn from other members representing bridges in more than 40 countries;

The opportunity to showcase the features of your bridges among peers and industry specialists; and

Membership is currently free!

If you are a qualified global cable supported bridge owner or operator, senior administrator, manager, industry professional or other stakeholder working directly for a cable supported bridge owner, you should be a member of ICSBOA. Click apply now below, fill out the online application form and submit it to us. One of the permanent body members representing your region will review (and contact you, if need be). They will then bring your application to the permanent body for approval.

ICSBOA Membership Spotlight