Call for Abstracts

ICSBOC 2024 seeks abstracts regarding maintenance and operation of major cable-supported bridges. We invite the submission of abstracts for consideration by the Steering Committee & Technical Review Panel. ICSBOC 2024 will be accepting abstracts for both oral (paper) and poster presentations.

Papers originally accepted for the 2020 conference will be automatically accepted for 2024, if not already presented at the 2022 conference. Please follow the submission process for abstracts and papers as outlined below, noting that some updating of your content may be required.

Please review submission instructions and scroll to the bottom to submit.

General Information

The Steering Committee & Technical Review Panel will be responsible for the approval of paper and poster topics from the submitted abstracts, as well as the final acceptance of the papers. Oral presentations for accepted papers will be grouped into sessions related to specified topics. Poster presentations will be featured at a dedicated time in the conference schedule.

Oral presentations will be a maximum of 20 minutes in length including questions. Up to four concurrent sessions will be offered in each concurrent time block.

Dimensions for poster presentations are 4 x 4 feet and posters will be presented on vertical poster boards. Designated times for poster viewing are outlined in the program at-a-glance.

Presentations must be non-proprietary in nature and cannot advertise a product or service.

Authors may present up to two abstracts, though their names may appear on other abstracts as secondary authors. All presenters are required to register for the conference.

Submissions must be made in English.

The Steering Committee & Technical Review Panel will review the submissions for:

Relevance to one or more of the suggested topics
Timeliness and interest of the topic to anticipated audience
Innovative ideas
Promising practices with demonstrated impact
Qualification(s) of the presenter(s)

Abstracts must be submitted electronically (see the button below).

How to Submit an Abstract

Authors who wish to give an oral presentation or poster should submit an abstract adhering to the following instructions:

The title of your abstract may not exceed 20 words
Please include the names of all authors with positions and organizations/affiliations
Please identify the presenting author as the first author in the list of authors

Abstract Text

The abstract should be submitted in English and include no table numbers, figure numbers, references, appendices, or displayed mathematical expressions. It should be suitable for direct inclusion in an abstract booklet or on the conference website.

The text of the abstract should be single spaced and not exceed 400 words for an oral paper or 200 words for a poster presentation. Conference participants rely heavily on the titles and abstracts to identify papers and posters of special interest. Please take great care in constructing both.

Please do NOT enter author information in the abstract submission area. This information will be collected from the author information as entered in separate fields.


The abstract submission site will require you to select both a primary and a secondary topic. Please review the  list of topics  and select the topic most relevant to your abstract. This will determine the placement of the abstract within the program.

Please note, the Steering Committee & Technical Review Panel maintain the flexibility to assign your presentation to another topic, if it is determined to be better suited to another topic category.

Authors may present up to two abstracts, though their names may appear on other abstracts. All presenters are required to register for the conference.


The abstract submission procedure will ask you for up to five keywords to describe your abstract.

Your abstract must be submitted by midnight Eastern Time April 2, 2024. Any questions may be directed to the .

To submit your abstract, click the button below today.

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