ICSBOA Member Spotlight: Osman Gazi Bridge · Gulf of İzmit, Turkey

Who we are

The International Cable Supported Bridge Operators Association (ICSBOA) focuses on helping members maintain and sustain cable supported bridge infrastructure in an ever-changing environment.

The objectives of ICSBOA :

Act as a hub promoting inclusion, collaboration and ongoing dialogue and learning for all members and stakeholders;

Further the knowledge of members through educational sessions not only featuring world renowned subject matter experts but also highlighting ideas and best practices of members;

Provide a reservoir of resources, contacts and networks that may be of value to members;

Ensure that members understand their responsibility to create awareness of the importance of maintaining the highest standards of maintenance and operations and in turn, safety of bridges;

inform politicians, owners and operators of the costs and benefits of funding effective maintenance and operation of cable-supported bridges

ICSBOA Membership Spotlight