ICSBOA Member Spotlight: Kita Bisan-Seto & Minami Bisan-Seto Bridges · Seto Inland Sea, Japan

The International Cable Supported Bridge Operators Association (ICSBOA) was established in 2013 and offers the largest and most significant international forum exclusively for bridge owners, operators, professionals and stakeholders in the cable supported bridge community.

The association provides a unique and exclusive forum for cable-supported bridge operators to share ideas, experiences and best practices; learn from subject matter experts; and preview the latest technology, products and services offered in the sector. It is an association where dialogue can take place confidentially, without the influence of commercial interests. ICSBOA promotes the importance of efficient operation and maintenance of cable supported bridges worldwide.

2024 Conference (ICSBOC)

October 6–10, 2024
US Military Academy at West Point, USA

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We began in New York in 1991. Now, our membership is all over the world.

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