International Cable Supported Bridge Operators Association or ICSBOA.


ICSBOA was established in 2013 in order to exchange experiences, share thoughts and opinions and learn from best practices among international operators of large cable-supported bridges. The association enables dialogue to take place confidentially and without the influence of commercial interests. Furthermore, the aim is to advance the importance of efficient operation and maintenance of bridges worldwide. The association arranges conferences (ICSBOC) and workshops (ICSBOW) for its members. Between conferences and workshops, communication among the members on timely topics takes place via e-mails or at meetings.

The language of communication among the members is English.

ICSBOA has the following objectives:

• To collect and distribute experiences related to operation and maintenance of bridges among members
• To encourage awareness and responsibility of bridge operators and to encourage actions necessary for progress in the operation and maintenance of bridges
• To participate in and improve cooperation among organisations and parties with interest in operation and maintenance of infrastructures
• To inform politicians, owners and operators about the costs and benefits of funding effective maintenance and operation of cable-supported bridges.


ICSBOA is managed by a permanent body with members from the three regions in which the association is represented: Asia, Europe and North America.

Each region is represented in the permanent body by two operators. The representatives are selected by the ICSBOA members of the region concerned. Currently, the permanent body has the following members:

North America:

Halifax Harbour Bridges, Canada
MTA Bridges and Tunnels, USA


Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Co. Ltd., Japan
Jiangsu Communications Holding, China


Sund & Bælt Holding A/S, Denmark
Tamar Bridge, UK

The duties of the permanent body are:

• To recruit and decide on new members of ICSBOA
• To decide on venue and organisers of future conferences and workshops
• To actively support organisers of ICSBOC and ICSBOW in attracting participants and presentations from all regions
• To keep ICSBOA website www.icsboa.com updated with general information to members and to promote its active use among its members.
• To decide on strategic issues in ICSBOA.
• To further develop ICSBOA and to promote the importance of efficient O&M.

The permanent body is headed by a chairman, who is elected for a 3-year period. The chairman is elected by the six members of the permanent body and normally election takes place at the workshop in connection with the conference every 2 or 3 years. The chairman will head the work in the permanent body and is the spokesman of the organisation. At the conference in Nantong China 2018, Justine Lorentzon was appointed as chairman for the next period.

The permanent body sets up a platform for its internal communication (meetings, e-mails etc.).


ICSBOA is a worldwide association of bridge operators. Membership in ICSBOA is open to all qualified owners and operators of cable-supported bridges on condition that the operators are willing to respect confidentiality regarding information exchanged in the association and are accepted by the permanent body. Membership is also on condition that the members are committed and take active part in the organisation’s activities, e.g. by regular attendance at workshops and conferences.

Membership is currently free of charge. The permanent body can, if all members agree, decide to introduce a membership fee to cover general expenditures of the association including the running costs of a website.


Every two ((three) years, a conference is held in turn in one of the three regions, Asia, North America and Europe. Participants are members or potential members of ICSBOA. Consultants, suppliers and research/educational institutions may participate if they are recommended by an ICSBOA member and are accepted by the steering committee of the conference.

The main content of the conferences is operation and maintenance of bridges. Papers and presentations are reserved for bridge operators. Consultants, suppliers and research/educational institutions may participate as speakers on behalf of an operator on condition that they present papers related to operation and maintenance of bridges.

The organiser of a conference is appointed by the permanent body and a steering committee is set up with participants from the organiser and one representative from the permanent body of each region.

The steering committee for a conference has the following duties:

• To define the programme for the conference and to assist in the planning and the management of the conference
• To assist the organiser of the conference in active promotion of the conference to potential participants and speakers, and to review or comment on abstracts if asked for by the organiser.
• To update the website www.icsboa.com about the next conference


Workshops among ICSBOA members take place every 1 or 1½ years, i.e. in connection with each conference (as a separate activity) and once between the conferences.

The format of these workshops is normally a closed, confidential roundtable discussion among ICSBOA’s members on current problems and experiences related to operation and maintenance of bridges or on other topics of mutual interest. The workshop may be extended with a technical visit to sites or institutions in the region. Normally, the workshop will take place over 2 days.

Only ICSBOA members can participate. In exceptional cases consultants, suppliers or institutions may participate part-time in the workshop in order to present a timely topic from one of the members. Other bridge operators in the region may also be invited to participate in part of the workshop in order to highlight and discuss special topics of interest to the workshop participants.

The workshop is organised by an ICSBOA member selected at the previous workshop and accepted by the permanent body. If the workshop takes place in the same year as a conference, the organiser will normally be another member in the region than the organiser of the conference. The workshops are arranged in turn by the operators within the three regions.

The organiser is responsible for setting up an agenda for the workshop in due time for proper preparation of discussions among the members at the workshop. Topics can be collected from other members in order to secure timeliness and mutual interest. Often proposals for the next workshop are presented at the previous workshop. A standard concept for workshops will be available on the website.

It is possible to arrange regional workshops under the ICSBOA umbrella on condition that the permanent body is informed and accepts this beforehand, and members from other regions can attend such workshops as guests.

Other activities

The permanent body can promote the role of long-term focus on operation and maintenance and the role of ICSBOA in this connection to the international press and to parties with special interest in these topics e.g. public or private owners of new infrastructures. Early focus on operation and maintenance in the planning of new bridges by involving ICSBOA members in reviews at early stages can be promoted.

The permanent body can decide to extend ICSBOA’s activities to other topics and to extend the criteria of membership if all members of the permanent body agree on this.