Welcome to ICSBOA


ICSBOA is an acronym for International Cable Supported Bridge Operators Association. The organisation was established in 2013. The organisation makes it possible for operators of large cable-supported bridges to exchange experiences, share thoughts and opinions and learn from best practices. It is an association where dialogue can take place confidentially, without the influence of commercial interests.

The aim of ICSBOA is to advance the importance of efficient operation and maintenance of bridges worldwide. The association arranges conferences (ICSBOC) and workshops (ICSBOW) for its members. Between conferences and workshops, communication on timely topics take place via this forum, e-mails or at meetings.

The objectives of ICSBOA are:

  • To collect and distribute experience related to operation and maintenance of bridges among members
  • To encourage awareness and responsibility of bridge operators and to encourage actions necessary for progress in the operation and maintenance of bridges
  • To participate in and improve cooperation among organisations and parties with interest in operation and maintenance of infrastructures
  • To inform politicians, owners and operators about the costs and benefits of funding effective maintenance and operation of cable-supported bridges